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A User's Guide to the New Millennium


Over 800 pages, the New Media Reader does not exhaust its subject; it even sets the stage for a companion volume.

"You are cordially invited to a / CHEMICAL WEDDING": Metamorphiction and Experimentation in Jeff Noon's Cobralingus


How does a sample of de Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium Eater give birth to a mutant, six-fingered hand? This essay articulates the logic of Noon’s 2001 experiment in constrained writing, which concretizes the play of signal and noise, pattern and randomness, in the flow of information. In the process, the critic suggests, Noon dramatizes how printed texts rupture and reassemble when they are transferred to electronic media.



How does one write science fiction when the atom bomb (and later 9/11) makes the future seem impossible to predict? Justin Roby reviews Paul Youngquist’s Cyberfiction: After the Future, which explores how postwar “cy-fi” critiqued life in the age of cybernetic control systems.

Illogic of Sense | The Gregory L. Ulmer Remix: Introduction


Darren Tofts and Lisa Gye introduce the collection of essays, appearing here in the electropoetics thread, from the Alt-x e-book The Illogic of Sense.

Moulthrop responds in turn


U.S. cybernetic pragmatisim and practical Net expertise interest Moulthrop (and his auditors) on “second thought.”

Diane Gromala’s response (excerpt)


Cyberpractitioner Diane Gromala celebrates virtual immersion’s unsteady body-knowledge.

Working Progress, Working Title [Automystifstical Plaice]


graphics: Artists Rights Society; Performance for MIDI keyboard, pianola configurations, and click-track:G. Schirmer Rental; studio portrait of Hedy Lamarr: Roy George and Associates.