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The Abdication of the Cultural Elite


Andrew Reynolds reviews Stephen Schryer’s Fantasies of the New Class: Ideologies of Professionalism in Post-World War II American Fiction, which argues for an instrumental form of intellectual labor in the service of broader social goals. Comparing novelists and sociologists representative of this new class, Schryer detects a self-defeating strategy in their rejection of collective instrumentalism in favor of individual dissemination of cultural education. Where Schryer closes by criticizing recent conceptions of an alternative economy of non-instrumental intellectual work within the university as a fantasy, Reynolds observes a “performative contradiction” at work in Schryer’s text and suggests that it is a good thing.

The Digital Potential: Leaving Open the Future of Scholarship and the University


Taking seriously author Gary Hall’s ground-up rethinking of the
university, David Parry raises an issue not addressed in Digitize This
, namely - what if Hall’s own field of Cultural Studies has no
future as a discipline in the university’s digital future?

Reading the Conflicting Reviews: The Naysayers Gerald Graff overlooked in Clueless in Academe


Geneviève Brassard defends Gerald Graff’s original approaches in Clueless in Academe against his critics - for the problem with Graff’s book does not lie between the covers but rather between the ears of those who fault him excessively for sins of omission and commission.