Tag: In progress

Editor notifications

Move from a system where we send email prompts when an essay moves state to a system where there are periodic "digest" reminders, perhaps a weekly statement saying "You have these essays to attend to <...>." The idea is that the prompting emails are useful in the moment but don't help to get people to check in over the long term. The email would be sent according to roles - so editorial core would get a digest email with certain things, thread editors would get a different digest, and so on.

text formatting False Pretenses, Parasites, and Monsters

Weird line breaks appearing in Tom LeClair's essay, False Pretenses, Parasites, and Monsters: http://www.electronicbookreview.com/thread/webarts/noisy Errors appear to occur when titles appear. EB: Sandy will look into this.

login password double-bind internal contradiction

There seem to be some issues with the login. Here's the specific bug: if you "forget your password" (as I apparently did, though I'm not sure how), you are sent an email, allowing you to login one time, where you are given a chance to change your password; however, as it seems to be set up now, in order to change your password, you need to KNOW the password that you've just claimed to have FORGOTTEN. Catch-22.

Formatting of text titles inconsistent

Titles of texts should be in boldface (and if a book or longer work in italics, too). When we switched platforms much of this formatting disappeared. Recent essays appear OK, but in many reviews the bold formatting was lost. EB: Re-introduce semantic tags for book titles in wysiwyg editor.

Tweaks to Glossing

Glossing Right now, to add a gloss, you need to click "Content">"Add Content">"Gloss," and you are taken to a separate screen. Is there a way that an icon can be placed within the text itself, that the reader can click on and go straight into adding a gloss? It's easy to forget the title of the essay once you wind up on the "Create Gloss" screen, which means you have to close that screen and start over. The separateness is also problematic when it comes to editing the gloss, because you have to sort of hunt for it in the Content list.

Dead Link: /firstperson/decoded/chun_sourcery.pdf

The link the the pdf chapter from Wendy Chun's book is not working. This is linked in both Critical Code Studies Week 4 (live) and Critical Code Studies Week 5 (currently being edited). I thought I would post this here because I'm not sure if the link is no longer accurate in terms of the file location or if this is a file type that was not transferred to the new website.