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p2p comments

Essays in p2p do not show author name or blurb, so that's good, but our comments (editorial comments) still appear even for those logged in as a p2p reviewer. We need to suppress those - it should show that person's comments only, i.e. a person logged in as p2p reviewer should only see his/her comments.

Glosses/Footnotes appearing in body of essay

Glosses &/or footnotes are now appearing, in italics, in the body of some essays, which is confusing. See, for example, Peter Nicholls's essay: http://electronicbookreview.com/thread/fictionspresent/skindeep

Books Received page

It would be good if we had a page listing Books Received, with the same basic info as on the old site. (Name, Author, Publisher, Page Length, Date.) Perhaps this could be like a public version of the spot described in the "Issues" entry just below this one (perhaps they could be integrated in some way?). I think the idea would be that the M.E. could periodically refer to this page in their public announcements: if you are interested in reviewing a book for EBR, please see here, etc.

Books - suggested

Create a page where editors (contributors too?) could suggest titles for review and add a few notes. The assoc. editors could refer to this when requesting titles from publishers and making assignments and the thread editors could consult when soliciting articles from contributors.

Date stamp

When essays are published, can the dates be automatically changed to the date they are publicly available to readers on the live site?

Need for a "submitted" state

Currently, the first workflow state is "solicited." This allows editors to create a stub or placemarker for the eventual essay. The next state is "markup," where we would mark up an actual submission.

no need for "draft" state

Currently, an essay is marked up and then moved to "draft." It is unclear what tasks are performed at this state before it is moved to "under review." We agree that it might be that a thread editor wants to check for errors in markup before sending it out for review, but that was the only task we could agree on. Otherwise, the state seems redundant. Solution: eliminate draft, move all existing "draft" essays to "review." For the future, essays are saved as "under review" once markup is complete.

Metadata Issues (author names)

NOTE FROM RYAN: AT LEAST IN THE CASE OF MM'S ESSAY, THIS WASN'T A TECHNICAL GLITCH; THE ESSAY JUST DIDN'T GET THE FULL TREATMENT BECAUSE THE TRANSITION WAS HAPPENING. POSSIBLY THIS ISSUE CAN BE DECLARED CLOSED, THOUGH THE AUTHOR OF THE NOTE SHOULD SAY FOR SURE I GUESS. It seems like some of the metadata may have been lost in the process of moving from one location to another. I don't think this is a glitch, but I think the issue is that some of the files that were under review on the old website are published on this website.

thread editors can't edit texts in their own thread

Hi, currently thread editors can't edit texts in their own thread. We'd like to make that possible. Thanks, Ryan

no captcha question

Don't know if this is intentional or not, but you can't create a new account because there is no CAPTCHA question. It just says: This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Input error: Invalid referer Thanks, Ryan