Tag: Bug

styles in edit view

In the edit mode of an essay, in the body field, there is a pull down menu for Styles, however the styles listed do not correspond to any usable style in the document. This list should have styles such as Title or Body and apply those stlyes to the selected text.

error message after editing and saving

When I edit and then save an essay, the site displays the following error message: "Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$workflow in workflow_node_update() (line 240 of /var/www/html/sites/all/modules/workflow/workflow.module)." Note: the edit and saving seems to work correctly, despite the message.

request new password

Request new password provides one-time password/access but when you try to create a new password using this method, it requires you to know your old password, which of course was the problem in the first place. .. I thought this was fixed but I guess not.

extraneous material on Books Received page

It says "Reviewed in:" underneath each of the books on the books received page. Does this need to be there? Seems like maybe not. RB

italics and other formatting in blurbs

We would like to have the ability to italicize and bold font in the blurbs.

search results contain abbreviated text

On current search results, the text under the links are not the blurbs, but an abbreviated version of the first few lines. These should be the blurbs when possible, and these should be visible in full. Joe: "readers of the journal, wherever they are or whatever they are doing, should be reading, without interruption."

blurb writing

Joe would like for us to tweak the blurb-writing process. I am noting that here but making the suggested changes on the editorial FAQ.

text formatting False Pretenses, Parasites, and Monsters

Weird line breaks appearing in Tom LeClair's essay, False Pretenses, Parasites, and Monsters: http://www.electronicbookreview.com/thread/webarts/noisy Errors appear to occur when titles appear. EB: Sandy will look into this.

login password double-bind internal contradiction

There seem to be some issues with the login. Here's the specific bug: if you "forget your password" (as I apparently did, though I'm not sure how), you are sent an email, allowing you to login one time, where you are given a chance to change your password; however, as it seems to be set up now, in order to change your password, you need to KNOW the password that you've just claimed to have FORGOTTEN. Catch-22.

Formatting of text titles inconsistent

Titles of texts should be in boldface (and if a book or longer work in italics, too). When we switched platforms much of this formatting disappeared. Recent essays appear OK, but in many reviews the bold formatting was lost. EB: Re-introduce semantic tags for book titles in wysiwyg editor.