Tag: Feature request

Managing Workflow

The explicit separation of workflow categories has a number of drawbacks--namely, its difficult to keep track of articles that move between a range of categories, and the distinctions are not necessarily intuitive. Potential solutions include sending out an email prompt every time work is done for an article (every time an article advances into a further category).

Reviewers accessing their own comments

As the p2p process is currently set up, reviewers are (at points) unable to view/access their own comments. Immediately after reviewers 'save' their comments, those comments are not visible because they are pending approval. Once approved, those comments are again visible to reviewers. But reviewers who want to alter their comments before they are made public do not have that opportunity. One solution to the issue that was mentioned was eliminating the approval process, though the approval process is useful for reducing spam.

size of text

Can the size of the text be increased for increased visibility?

p2p comments

Essays in p2p do not show author name or blurb, so that's good, but our comments (editorial comments) still appear even for those logged in as a p2p reviewer. We need to suppress those - it should show that person's comments only, i.e. a person logged in as p2p reviewer should only see his/her comments.

post publication glossing

Reminder: we were going to look into writing the php shell for the glossing capability for already published essays. I believe that Ewan had tracked down a 3rd party javascript (??) module/solution. Let's get this on the queue.

Books Received page

It would be good if we had a page listing Books Received, with the same basic info as on the old site. (Name, Author, Publisher, Page Length, Date.) Perhaps this could be like a public version of the spot described in the "Issues" entry just below this one (perhaps they could be integrated in some way?). I think the idea would be that the M.E. could periodically refer to this page in their public announcements: if you are interested in reviewing a book for EBR, please see here, etc.

Books - suggested

Create a page where editors (contributors too?) could suggest titles for review and add a few notes. The assoc. editors could refer to this when requesting titles from publishers and making assignments and the thread editors could consult when soliciting articles from contributors.

Tweaks to Essay Announcements

Joe suggested that the automated announcement of new essays be tweaked: -It should include login info. -It should direct you to the login page first, and then, once you are logged in, you should be redirected automatically to the essay itself. As it is now, if you click on the link in the announcement itself, and you are not logged in, you can get an access denied page.

Tweaks to Glossing

Glossing Right now, to add a gloss, you need to click "Content">"Add Content">"Gloss," and you are taken to a separate screen. Is there a way that an icon can be placed within the text itself, that the reader can click on and go straight into adding a gloss? It's easy to forget the title of the essay once you wind up on the "Create Gloss" screen, which means you have to close that screen and start over. The separateness is also problematic when it comes to editing the gloss, because you have to sort of hunt for it in the Content list.

Date stamp

When essays are published, can the dates be automatically changed to the date they are publicly available to readers on the live site?