The Real

The Real

Daniel Wenk
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Daniel Wenk was living in Paris on a Fellowship during the initial discussions. He would eventually give the discussions their name, End Construction!, after treating a street sign in Chicago. Using black electrical tape the same width as the sign lettering, he formed an exclamation mark and so turned the statement into a command.


Reading through all these mails (thanks for forwarding!) there is one thing: If I have to see the terms “real”, or “real-time” or “real-theory” or real-anything at all again, I might REALLY throw up and thus destroy my computer. The desire for “real” (whatever that might be has to be discussed first) is understandable from people who spend most of their life at computers and live vast distances from each other (me included of course) but this is no excuse. The more the term is used, the less it means. What is left is fashion.

Daniel from Paris (where someone real is living next door).