How Are We Going To Kill Information?

How Are We Going To Kill Information?

Linda C Brigham
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Responding to the potential for having “all of ebr current” and even viewable on a single screen, Brigham wonders if it might not be better to kill off content. Brigham’s model is the Blair Witch project.

Hello, everybody–

As probably the most troglodytic of the group (or certainly bottom ranked), I find myself grouping the questions raised into crude categories, two of which (opposed) I just want to briefly mention. The first is form, and I am tremendously excited by the careful thought and attention I find here towards the notion of “emergence.” This is a great experiment somewhere between trad. categories of communication and collaboration that will no doubt dwarf my already humbled imagination.

The other question I don’t think I’ve seen directly mentioned (although indirectly in several of Anne’s points): the question of death. How are we going to kill information? I really think we need some kind of killer loose in this environment, some mutating principle of destruction, a “Blair Witch” principle. I’ve never heard of community or art without one. And as a very poor filer, our capacity to archive frightens me as much as our capacity to erase.

Cheers. And thanks again, Joe.