From Game-Story to Cyberdrama (Sidebar)

From Game-Story to Cyberdrama (Sidebar)

Janet Murray

Game-Story set theory.

Figure 1.sidebar.1: The areas of game and story have both independent and overlapping features, and for our discussion the areas of contest and puzzle are equally relevant.

Figures 1.sidebar.2 - 1.sidebar.3: Thinking about nondigital overlap cases, in multiple directions, may be a particularly fruitful activity.

Figure 1.sidebar.4: When we get to the digital medium, we find a medium that can accommodate the features of all these nondigital examples.

Figure 1.sidebar.5: We can also think of the game/story axis as a player focus/plot focus axis.

Figure 1.sidebar.6: But what if we take a step back, and reconsider the notion that game and story represent two directions of an axis? An interesting territory may open.

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