image + narrative

Photo Narratives and Digital Archives; or: The Film Photo Novel Lost and Found


A first draft of this essay has been presented at the 2017 ELO Conference at Porto, in a panel organized by the “Nar-Trans” group of the University of Granada (other speakers: Domingo Sánchez-Mesa and Nieves Rosendo; panel chair: Rui Torres).

The Role of Imagination in Narrative Indie Games


What binds literature, electronic literature and games is “the shaping and networking of the imagination.” Drawing on the ideas of Damasio, Walton and Sartre, Gordon Calleja looks at the synthesizing role of the imagination in narrative indie games.

"With each project I find myself reimagining what cinema might be": An Interview with Zoe Beloff


Jussi Parikka interviews artist Zoe Beloff about her relationship to the emerging set of interdisciplinary theories and methodologies known as media archaeology. In way of response, Beloff discusses some past works, including: Lost (1995), Shadow Land (2000), Claire and Don in Slumberland (2002), Charming Augustine (2005), The Somnambulists (2008), and The Dream Films (2009).

Between Play and Politics: Dysfunctionality in Digital Art


Marie-Laure Ryan argues that dysfunctionality in new media art is “not limited to play with inherently digital phenomena such as code and programs,” and provides a number of alternative art examples, while also arguing that dysfunctionality “could [also] promote a better understanding of the cognitive activity of reading, or of the significance of the book as a support of writing.”

A Remediation's Remediation?


Jan Baetens looks ‘through’ and ‘at’ Bolter and Gromala’s Windows and Mirrors and finds a foggy vision.

Architecture as a Narrative Medium


Christine Bucher, reviewing Beatriz Columnina, considers the narrative and photographic dimensions of interiors designed by Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier.

Lexia to Perplexia:


hypertext? cybertext? hypermedia? webart? while new media critics debate the terms, Talan Memmott has produced the thing itself, a creative use of applied technology.

Great Excavations


Ted Pelton views Robert Creeley’s image/text collaborations in Buffalo, NY.

Lessons in Latent History


Steffen Hantke presents an archeology of Don DeLillo’s Underworld.

A Gathering of Threads


The culmination of ebr version 2.0 (an html- and java-based Web production), the spring 1999 “gathering of threads” introduced an important component into the journal design: the thREAD that actively conducts readers among affiliated essays.

Image + Narrative


In collecting essays for ebrs 6 and 7, the editors sought work that would not only talk about image and narrative theory in the networked environment; we wanted essays with design elements in their very construction. The essays were presented in the context of Anne Burdick’s first integral design for the journal itself, ebr version 2.0.

Graphic or Verbal: A Dilemma


J. Hillis Miller looks at the “multimedia” Victorian novel, embodied in ink, paper, cardboard, and glue.

The Flights of A821: dearchiving the proceedings of a birdsong


Marta Werner uncages Emily Dickinson’s fragments.

Reading Writing Space


Anne Burdick reads Jay David Bolter’s Writing Space.