internet nation

Review of Angela Nagle's Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars From 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right


Gregor Baszak parses Nagle’s celebrated, and “overdue” reconsideration of the internet, and social media in particular as a battlefield for politics.

Scientists on the Margins


David Nobes on the World Summit on the Information Society and the failure of some of its visionaries to see beyond tame and regimented applications of the Internet.

Tending the Garden Plot: Victory Garden and Operation Enduring...


Dave Ciccoricco returns to Stuart Moulthrop, considers Operation Enduring Freedom (2003) in light of Operation Desert Storm (1991), and consults the annals of World War II for a likely source of “Victory Garden,” the title of Moulthrop’s 1991 network fiction on the Gulf War.

Entre Chien et Loup: On Jean Genet’s Prisoner of Love


Tim Keane reviews Genet’s republished Prisoner of Love, a ‘mirror-memoir’ in which Genet sees Palestine from the inside in an attempt to see himself from the outside.

On the Globalization of Literature: Haruki Murakami, Tim O’Brien, and Raymond Carver


Reiichi Miura considers the worldwide reception of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami and charts a course for a fiction where nationalism loses relevance.

Attacked from Within


In the triad of Verso pamphlets on 9/11, Nick Spencer sees a convergence of postmodern critique (against the capitalist culture of postmodernity).

America: The Usable Cliché


Sue Im-Lee reviews Reciting America by Christopher Douglas.

Reading the L.A. Landscape


Claire Rasmussen on geography and the social theory of Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Mike Davis, and Edward Soja.

Talking Back to the Owners of the World


Steffen Hantke on Tom LeClair’s and Richard Powers’s novelistic imaginations of terror.

Feeding the Global Spider


Linda Brigham sees Zygmunt Bauman’s Globalization: The Human Consequences as a provocative introduction to our current environmental and economic predicament.

The Body Sings


Doug Nufer on big business’s buy-out of history and the corporate biography’s elevation to an art form untroubled by irony.

Cover to Cover: Paratextual play in Milorad Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars


Ivan Callus skims the surface of Pavic’s print hypertext.

Becoming Postmodern: A Romanian Literature Survey


Florin Popescu introduces Western readers to a national literature whose modern humor and archaic spirituality affront postmodern sensibilities

One or Many Gombrowicz’s?


On twentieth-century Poland’s leading author.

Outcast Narrative


Reflections on the abject in the new world order.

At the Moment I Became a Global Dictator


A media parable by Novica Milic.

Alice's Adventures in Sanctionland


Vladislava Gordic writes from Novi Sad to a friend in London (1998).

Internet Nation


The Internet Nation thread, which the editors hope to develop substantially in the coming years, was introduced in the winter of 98/99, following a trip to Novi Sad by ebr editor Joseph Tabbi a few months before that city would be bombed by NATO troups.

Sea of Macho Stupidities


Svetozar Postic, on why his contemporaries in Serbia don’t write like Hemingway

When Romanticism is no Longer the National Avante-Garde


Piotr Parlej surveys contemporary Polish poetry

The Russian Gate To Postmodernism: Mikhail Bulgakov


Vana Goblot reconsiders the Russian Master

Miloš Crnjanski and his descendents


Poet Nina Zivancevic translates and comments on poetry by the founder of Modernism in Yugoslav literature

The Rose of Wandering


Dragica Felja on the Peripatetic Poetry of Miroslav Mandic.

Making the Rounds


Elizabeth Jane Wall Hinds follows the narrative line of Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon as it bifurcates and spreads over the globe and across two centuries.

Epic Ecologies


Marjorie Perloff reviews Franco Moretti’s Modern Epic: The World-System from Goethe to Garcia Marquez.

The Revolution of an Anachronism: Radical Hypertextualism in a Text by Renaud Camus


Jan Baetens re-reads a print hypertext by France’s leading gay author, whose work loses something in the actual translation into electronic hypertext.

Going Gonzo: Following the Trail of the WWWench


Todd E. Napolitano on Going Gonzo: Following the Trail of the WWWench

A Third Culture


De Witt Douglas Kilgore reviews Technoscience and Cyberculture.

Hypertext Markets: a Report from Italy


Walter Vannini investigates the effects of hypertext publishing in Italy’s marketplace.